Welcome to the 2022 season - The website will be updated as new documents become available.

Thank you for taking part in the 2021 Short Season and congratulations on all the victorious teams. 

As mentioned prior to the 2021 Short Season, the committee will be looking at alternative options to the 7 divisions structure we currently have in place. 

With the loss of teams over the years and lack of new teams joining, means our current structure might not be best for the leagues' future.


Therefore, so we have all the information to make an informed decision, we are asking all teams to register their interest in playing in the 2022 season via the link below. 

It may turn out that nothing changes, but if things do, we will give all teams as much notice as possible.


We would be grateful if you would fill out the form below by August 27th.


Congratulations to the 2021 League & Cup/Shield Winners