27th April 2021 Update

(Fixtures, Details & Referees have been updated 29/04/21)

Dear Team Secretary, 


Firstly, thank you for your patience over the last few months.


The 2021 Short Season is upon us.


Hopefully this email will answer all the questions we have received over the last 2 weeks. So please read this email in full and take action ASAP when needed. 


2021 Season 


This season will start on May 24th, with a total of 11 matches, 7 League games and 4 Cup games. However, the majority of teams will play 7 League Games, and 1 Cup game. The last game of the season will take place August 18th. Unfortunately, there will be no Interleague, Gala Day or Presentation Evening.


There is a slight change with how The Cup Competition had been planned, this year the draw was done via a fixtures website and printed in the Rulebook. Additionally, the Cup Final games will be played on your usual league match day. (Ashworth Cup - Monday Night). We will be in touch later in the season to where the finals will be held.


Please note that ALL league rules are to be followed, meaning the Leagues Rules/Laws/Constitution as well as the new Covid-19 Rules. 


Rule Book


This year's Rule and Fixture Book is a condensed version of the regular Book. To save on space, time and money (should you choose to print It). All missing information will be relocated to the website at the start of the season.




The website will be update at the start of the season, with all the relevant information. Please note that for this season only there will be a delay in the Results spreadsheet being updated. As usual we will post on the leagues Facebook group when the website is updated. 




Please remember that you should now only TEXT your results to Michelle, usual time limits and fines apply.


Score Cards 


For this season, please remember to EMAIL your score cards to roundersjennbc@gmail.com we will not accept score cards via post any more, if you do post your score card it will not be received by the committee. The usual time limits ad fines still apply. 


Score Book/Card Collection.


As you may have seen on Facebook today Claire will be at Elton Vale 6:30 till 7:30 tonight, please do not worry if missed the collection or cannot attend to night Claire will arrange another pick up session soon. 


CCO - Covid Compliance Officer.

Thank to everyone who replied to the last email about nominating a covid compliance officer. Any team that we have not heard back from has had their Captain automatically selected for this role.


You can find generic Rounders England, information regarding your role in the attachments, for the moment they all have the Rounders England branding and have some guidance that does not relate to Bury Rounders, that information can be ignored. We in time will change the guidance so it will all be Bury Rounders dedicated and only have information retaining to our league. The reason we have not done this yet is because Sports England and Rounders England may change the guidance to reflect the stage of lockdown easing that we are in.


Please do not worry about this roll, the CCO is there to make sure everyone on the pitch is following the rules and to keep rounders safe. Kerry is holding an optional guidance session on May 6th, via zoom. 


This information will also be sent to the CCO’s directly. 


TWO - Team Welfare Officer.


An Email has been sent to teams who need to attend the safeguarding training. Kerry will be in touch soon with the Zoom Meeting Link. 


Please note it is a legal requirement that you attend this training. Failing to do will result in your team being unable to play in the 2021 Season and or any season going forward until you have attended the training. 


If you think your welfare officer needs to attend the training but hasn’t received an email, please let Arron know asap. 


Copies of Forms 


All forms you need are located on the download section of the website. 




Will relegation and promotions still happen this season? 


The simple answer is no there will be no relegations or promotions based on the results of the 2021 Shot Season. 


However, as you know we have lost a few teams over the years which has resulted on the divisions being uneven. The Management Committee will be looking it to evening out the division for the 2022 season. This will involve some teams changing division, we will be in touch with the teams this will affect later in the year. 


Will you be fast tracking Trainee Refs this season?


There will be no refs training this season, all Trainee Refs will be fast tracked at the beginning of the 2022 season. Additionally, how refs are trained will be changing too. 


Agreements with teams about refs in 2020 will stand in the 2022. 


What is happening with the registration for 2022?


Team registration will be opening earlier than previous years to allow time for the Referees Secretary and Welfare coordinator to follow up with any queries before the AGM. More information about this will be sent later in the year. 


If there are any more questions you would like answering, then please email Arron. 

As always if you have any questions, please do ask.


Kind Regards and Stay Safe

Arron Lever
League Secretary
Bury Rounders League