All policies have been formulated with guidance from the NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) and in line with government guidance.


Safeguarding and Protecting


Bury Rounders is the governing body for Rounders in Bury, and as part of its commitment to ensuring that young people are able to enjoy the sport of Rounders, we have developed a policy and guidance on Safeguarding and Protecting People in Rounders.

Anyone involved in Rounders have a fundamental right to be protected so that they can enjoy the sport free from all forms of abuse and exploitation. It therefore seeks to help protect and promote the welfare of all people in Rounders by having in place clear policies and guidance for its member teams and leagues and all others involved in the sport.

Safeguarding means promoting the safety and welfare of young people. Safeguarding is a terms used to incorporate good practice and is wider than ‘Child Protection’. Child Protection is still an essential element of this policy and is about acting on concerns about a young person or individual.


The guidance is set out in five sections;


•Safeguarding Policy – Full Policy (45 pages) and Short Policy (7 pages)

•Social Media Policy

•Gender Policy

•Codes of Conduct & Practice

•Welfare officer packs for teams & leagues (Coming Soon)


We hope that the policy will assist your team as we all work towards a safer environment for the future of our sport.


NOTE: If you have an incident to report, do so via the DP Referral Form.


Who to contact for further advice and help:

Bury Rounders Safeguarding Coordinator – Arron Lever

T: 07793485995 E:


This year’s safeguarding training has been provided by KD Safeguarding